If Linkin Park plays in the forest and no one is around to hear it, in the end, does it even matter?


i want to live in a universe where a wei triplets origins movie existed x 

Anonymous; "An aesthetic is a fake leg (or arm) that people use when they got no limbs"


pretty sure that’s a prosthetic 



Godzilla is cutest dinosaur

another furry


Also let’s remember that Nickelodeon’s current VA directing staff is garbage. I’m sure they treat Tom with respect because come on he’s Tom Fucking Kenny.

But let’s remember how Nickelodeon treated Gabriel Iglesias when they asked him to do Voiceover.


I just wanted make it very clear that Newton Geiszler be it Movie or AU would get upset over any type of creature being hurt. Sure fresh kaiju samples are the fucking shit, sure killing them is the only way to save the world, sure he reconsidered ever wanting to see one up close. It doesn’t make him some cold unfeeling bastard. If any animal or creature gets hurt it probably fucks him up be it a shitty movie like fucking sharknado or a hallmark movie where the dog gets hit by a fucking car he would probably cry a little.


Lighthouse Pigeon Point / Northern California (by 79 ideas)


There are fifty million blogs on here with Abouts like “Ryan, 24. I appreciate the female form. I enjoy intellectual debates about the issues, I won’t listen to screaming. Religion is for idiots.” and somehow there’s people who think the most horrible, ridiculous self-descriptions are “Hi I’m trans and disabled and here’s what I need tagged”. I’m all for public mockery when it’s appropriate but guess what, it’s never, ever appropriate to point at something totally normal and reasonable and say “you’re a human trash can” unless you’re, you know, a bigger fan of “Nick, sapiosexual anti-feminist” than you are of someone who is literally just saying “I’m transgender”.